11 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Migraines are terrible. Many people have chronic headaches that they endure throughout their lives. They know that they have tried everything that can be a treatment or medication to get rid of that unmistakable state of pain, nausea, when a migraine cracks and you do not know when it will leave you. Apart from medicines and alternative methods, there is another direction that gives very good results to many people, relieving them of headaches: healing by using their own vital energy in the body. Learn more about how to get rid of a headache in this article.

Although these solutions give us help us when we have average headaches and even support us to prevent the following, it does not mean that they are always a substitute for a medical treatment if it is necessary. Often, however, these recommendations solve what doctors fail.

All the tips below are based on the principle of energy circulation in our body and the fact that a physical problem can signal a blockage in the energy flow or an imbalance. We all work with the vital energy that has a well-established circuit inside the body. For various reasons (stress, negative thoughts, toxic people around, pollution, problems we face) this energy is unbalanced. When you rebalance your own energy than both the mind and your body heal.

1. Observe your body carefully

The next time you have a headache, wait a moment and see how your whole body feels. Can you inhale deeper air into your chest? Or do you feel a gut in the neck and chest? Often when you have a migraine and your body has a muscular strain like it is in an iron armor. To relax your body, you need to be able to breathe deeply and completely, from the belly to the bottom, to feel as if the air has reached the bones. So, conscious intention begins to inspire in and from the abdomen, not the lungs. Do not force your breath. Just let her come somewhere deep down your stomach area.

2. Take a walk on foot

When you have a headache, too much energy is gathered in your head and you need to make it flow balanced throughout the body. If you are able to get out of bed (sometimes you just can not) go for a walk. This will take your energy to your feet and feet.

3. Drink plenty of water to consume energy

Drink water, plenty of water, much more than you think you need. You can easily be dehydrated without realizing it, and this often leads to terrible migraines.

4. Hold your head down and your feet up

Sit in your head or stand on your shoulders or help with your palms as you can. This may call you a contradiction with the advice to take you on a walk. How to put more energy into your head? How incredibly it sounds, so good it does to you. This fixed position will begin to rebalance your energy flow.

5. Make a light healing meditation

Stand in a quiet place with your back straight, your legs slightly distant and your hands relaxed by hanging around your body. You just have to focus on breathing, how it comes and how it goes. You just focus on your breathing. What are you doing? You reprogram your subconscious, giving it the message of perfect health that it will transmit to each cell of your body.

6. Smell lemon or mint

Take your essential lemon and/or mint oil from a specialist store and put a few drops of the sample, neck, or nail area. You can put some splash of essential oil in the water with a hot bath; Light a candle, close the door, put on the tub, let the hot water go up and relax. Other flavors recommended for headaches are rosemary, eucalyptus, and sandalwood.

7. Take care of your basic needs

Maintaining balance in your body may be the best way to prevent a migraine. Make sure you sleep well. Stress is another energy blockage; If you are choked between house-service-house-service, give yourself a break, a rhythm breaking. Change the air, the landscape for a weekend at least. Eat regular meals that include protein; They are food for the brain. Equally, watch what foods give you specific headaches. For example, some people discover that their body simply refuses alcohol, because after a single glass they choose with a terrible headache. Others react to coffee, others to toxic foods with low energy intake.

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