3 treatments for thicker eyebrows

After a long era where thin eyebrows were fashionable, in recent years trends have returned to thick eyebrows because of the sexy celebrities with a natural look, including the famous Cara Delevingne.

But in order to get perfect eyebrows like those of Cara, many women resort to all sorts of tricks and treatments that rather destroy their eyebrows, ruining their natural shape.

Therefore, today we offer 3 treatments hundred percent natural that will give you what you’ve always wanted: perfect and thick eyebrows.

The first treatment is well known – castor oil. Many people speak about its benefits, but few specifically appeals to it. And yes, it’s not a myth, castor oil can thicken your eyebrows, because it feeds hair follicles and stimulates new hairs growth.

The second treatment we propose doesn’t smell very nice, but it’t effective – onion juice. Because onions contain sulfur, hence their odor, and sulfur stimulates blood circulation, this leads to regeneration of the area affected by too much eyebrow shaping.

The third treatment for perfect eyebrows is modern and fragrant – coconut oil. It’s said that it could do wonders for both hair and skin, and people who used it recommend it, because the effects occur shortly after use.

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