6 mistakes women make when they remove unwanted body hair

In order to have a smooth skin, every woman appeals to epilation. Whether you choose removing your hair at home or at a salon, by using a razor or an epilator, you must follow a few tricks. Here are the most common mistakes women make when they remove unwanted body hair!

You don’t exfoliate

Before epilation, we should exfoliate the skin in order to remove the dead cells on its surface. Use an abrasive shower gel, an abrasive sponge or a homemade preparation made of shower gel and a little sugar, corn or coffee. In this way you can remove very small hairs or the thin hair that tries to grow under the skin.

You shave your legs in the morning

Researchers found that during the night your feet swell and hair follicles can retire. If you shave in the morning, after a few hours you’ll see that your skin isn’t as fine.

Take into account the skin type

If you’re sensitive and you get easily irritated when you laugh, remember the next trick: first time you shave, do it in hair growth direction. The second time, the razor will go in the opposite direction of hair growth.

You use soap

Many women use soap or shower gel as shaving cream, but this isn’t indicated. Both soap and shower gel dries the skin and dry skin is easier to cut or to irritate. Foam and shaving gel are best because they soften the hair.

You use a bad blade

Razor blade is important, and it’s recommended using one with multi-lanes, because it provides a better hair removal. You can find razor blades specially designed for women with a herbal tape created to feed your skin when epilating.

You don’t change the razor too often

Your razor blade has an expiration date. Don’t use it more than 5-6 times and don’t forget to disinfect before and after every hair removal in order to decrease the risk of infection. Equally important is to avoid using someone else’s razor blade!

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