Beauty secrets from Japanese women

Recognized worldwide for their beauty, Japanese women also have, as women around the world, some beauty secrets they don’t share but rather transmit them from generation to generation since the geishas times.
We found out some of these secrets and the time has come to share them. Maybe who knows, starting from tomorrow you’ll include in your beauty ritual an Asian beauty trick.

Vitamin C
Japanese women eat oranges and lemons and use them daily in their beauty rituals. The consumption of these citrus fruits rich in vitamin C and using them in different beauty masks are their secret for a flawless complexion, porcelain-like.

The beans that removes pigmentation spots
In Japan there is a red bean type called Azuki. With these beans (cooked) Japanese women clean their face regularly in order to get rid of redness and pigmentation spots.

The secret oil used in the most beauty rituals
Japanese camellia oil is a natural oil which nourishes the skin, keeps its elasticity and helps building collagen. It’s customary in any Japanese cosmetic kit.

Removing dark circles with a special rice
Applied under the eyes, komenuka rice powder do wonders against dark circles.

Drinking green tea prevents wrinkles
Given the fact that Japanese women consume an average of three cups of green tea per day, which is said that delays skin aging, no wonder that their skin is flawless.

Marine algae are the basis of a very effective tonic lotion
The Japanese put seaweed to soak in water and then use that water as a toner. It’s said that this is a very effective tonic lotion.

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