Do you wear glasses? See the best makeup tricks for you!

Yes, I admit, I wear glasses, and even if I often use contact lenses, I wish that when I wear glasses to be as delightful. We live in the era of fancy glasses, which are more or less beautiful, interesting and with personality.

That being said, I would like to share some makeup tricks I’ve observed on glasses carriers.

For those who choose dark frames, the problem of defining the eyes has been solved. Stay away from accented lines made by ink or pencil. Neither dark shadow makeup will be in your favor, neither smokey eyes. Better cover the eyelid with a shadow in a pale color.

Lenses make the eyes more visible and increase any defect around them. Don’t apply mascara on the eyelashes for volume, because they will seem huge, the ugly mode. Choose the best mascara that lengthens and separates them.

The area under the eyes is much more visible through the lens, so apply there a very good concealer, which will not gather around the eye lines. Choose a light shade because it will form a good contrast with the frames.

Sometimes dark frames can have a masculine air, but this aspect can be offset by makeup. Make sure you have rosy cheeks with a blush shade under the skin. Opt for a visible lipstick, possibly with a gloss that will attract attention and will balance the entire face.

Either way, gone are the days when wearing glasses was generating complexes. Now it’s sexy to have glasses, especially if you know how to choose them and how to highlight yourself behind them.

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