Fast And Effectively Proven Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Even a larger pimple, if it appears from time to time, there will be a reddish or dark sign behind it that you get very hard off. Find out what you can do to cure faster the scars left by acne and how to get rid of acne scars. Keep reading!

What are scars left by acne?

Acne can leave many types of scars. Some are scars, others are hyper pigments signs that disappear and alone in a few months or a long time. So, you are probably wondering: What’s the difference between them?

A serious acne, which is not properly treated, affects the layers of the skin, destroying collagen and elastin – so “real scars” appear like tiny drops in the skin. You can not get rid of them unless you ask for an aesthetic specialist, but you need to know that modern medicine offers more effective solutions, from laser treatments to injection with so-called fillers.

Today I will like to teach you how to get rid of those scars left by moderate or mild acne with remedies that will not irritate the skin. Although we call them scars, they are actually post-inflammatory hyper pigments and are part of the skin healing process. Fortunately, they are not permanent, but you can wait for months to disappear completely.

Careful! Whether you have a pimple every now and then or suffer from acne in full, you must refrain from squeezing it. A broken pimple can become a permanent scar, while one will leave you alone and it will become a spot that disappears over time.

How to get rid of scars left by acne

Scars that you can remove at home alone look like pink, brownish, light or red. However, skin creams will not work because these spots are not related to the sun, melanin production, etc. No natural treatments with acids, such as scrubbing the skin with lemon juice, will work. It is not strong enough to exfoliate the skin and, moreover, is a powerful irritant.

What you can do to get rid of acne scars faster

1. Use a scar cream with AHA or BHA. AHA or “alpha-hydroxy acids” include glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc., which helps to exfoliate the skin to the surface. BHA, salicylic acid, exfoliates the surface of the skin but also penetrates the pores. In addition to eliminating scars, it also prevents the appearance of new baskets.

2. Avoid scrubbing or “mechanical scuffing”. Maybe you are tempted to rub your skin as hard as you can with hard scrubs to eliminate scars faster, but they only irritate the skin, preventing it from healing.

3. Use an SPF cream daily (minimum SPF 15 in winter) because the UV rays prevent the skin from healing.

4. Use a good moisturizing cream containing beneficial ingredients – antioxidants, vitamins, retinol, etc.

Image Credits: Prime Journal

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