Grow taller up to 4 inches using stretching exercises at home

Some strategies and specific exercises can help you grow four inches (10 cm) tall. Did you know that if you’re lying face down from head to toe can help you gain few inches tall?

Through exercise and proper health regimen you can add four inches (10 cm) to your height. If you’re still a teenager, you can grow a few inches just by incorporating specific exercises to your routine.

1. Swim adds inches (cm) to your height because swimming stretches the spine with tendons and ligaments. The breaststroke is particularly good because you are doing the kick in one direction and stretching your arms in the other.

2. Ride your bike and go driving, either on the bike or outdoors. The exercise is very important to increase the height of someone because growth hormones are released into the bloodstream. If you exercise while you’re going through puberty, you will grow taller.

3. Take Thai Boxing classes or go running to help stretch your back and improve posture. Add these exercises into your daily routine because they can help increase a few inches (cm) at an early age and stretch your back as you grow.


1. Include stretching to your daily routine. These help straighten any curvature to generate a lower stature. As you grow, you can earn four inches (10 cm) high by simply correct your posture. These stretches include raising your hands above your head and forward to touch the toes of your feet.

2. Lying face down with your arms at your sides. Raise your legs simultaneously for three seconds and then let them down. Stretch your hands hang from a bar. This is a good way to stretch the spine.

3. Take yoga to improve posture and add length to your body. In this ancient practice stretching is a self-paced work. It also helps to exercise the mind; teaches breathing and increases flexibility the more you practice. Yoga increases the height that elongates the muscles, bones stretching your upper and lower limbs and can help add an inch (2.5 cm) between the spinal discs due to repeated stretching and decompression.

4. Make the cobra pose. Lie on your belly, face down. Place the palms on the floor to push the upper body in order to form an arch with your back and head toward the ceiling. Do this for up to 30 seconds and relax, putting your face on the ground.

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