How to hide your gray hair using coffee

If first white hairs have already appeared… you probably know that the only solution to get rid of them is the permanent dye. But if you want to keep your natural hair color, and somehow to hide your gray hairs, there is a simple and very effective trick, based on coffee!

It’s important to know that you’ll not definitely get rid of white hairs just by using this trick, but coffee will give your hair a light brown shade. This coffee based trick can be used by anyone, regardless of hair color, because the resulted brown will suit any blonde, redhead or brunette.

Here’s how to prepare the coffee-based treatment for gray hair
The first step is to prepare a pot of strong coffee (about 300-400 ml.). Let it reach the room temperature then wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner.
After washing, apply the coffee on wet hair and gently rub your hair between your hands. Repeat this procedure until you use all the coffee. Gently squeeze the hair and cover it with a towel. Wait 20-30 minutes and rinse with water.

If you repeat the process twice a week, your white hairs will soon become brown.

Image Credits: LongHairCommunity

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