How to look refreshed even after too little sleep

Even if we know how important rest is for both a healthy body and for beauty, because of the chaotic schedule with lots of working hours and lots of other personal activities, we sometimes skip over important sleeping hours. And unfortunately, most often, the lack of sleep can be seen on our faces.

Therefore, today we tell you which are the most effective tricks that will help you look good even when you didn’t get enough sleep.

Wash your face with cold water

Even if you get used on jumping in the shower as soon as you get out of bed, hot water will not wake you up. Wash your face with cold water. It will refresh your skin and will immediately make you feel much better.

Make a short facial massage

When you clean your skin in the morning, make yourself a gentle facial massage for a minute. This will activate blood circulation and your skin will look much better in the end.

Get rid of bags under the eyes immediately

While you’re taking a shower or while you’re drinking the morning coffee, put two tablespoons in the refrigerator. Take them out, apply them for 30 seconds on the area under the eyes, then immediately apply the moisturizer you normally use.

Choose a natural makeup

You’ll be tempted on choosing a little more intense makeup than usual, if you don’t sleep enough. But, on the contrary, your skin needs a delicate makeup, almost nonexistent.

Keep on handy some thermal water

A thermal spray is a very good investment because it refreshes your skin in seconds. Try it!

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