Is Alum powder good for dandruff, acne or irritation?

Known mostly for its antibacterial properties, alum stone is often used as a natural antiperspirant. Few people know, however, that this stone can get a miraculous powder that has lots of uses. Alum powder can be used for skin and hair or even for face.

Eliminates foot odor
Being absorbent and antibacterial, alum powder can be successfully used for removing bad foot odor.

It helps in the acne treatment
Alum powder helps regulate skin sebum secretion, making it safe to use even by people suffering from acne. By mixing it with aloe gel you’ll get a refreshing natural treatment indicated for people with acne eruptions.

It prevents skin irritations after waxing
Most women struggle with sensitive skin irritations after waxing. Applied after this process, the Alum powder relieves any irritation and prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

Get rid of sweating with Alum powder
Maybe not as practical as an antiperspirant, but Alum powder is very effective in removing the unpleasant smell of perspiration. First, is a natural product and second, is hypoallergenic. Low price is also another advantage worth considering.

Does wonders against dandruff
Dissolved in the usual shampoo, Alum powder restores hair radiance and suppleness, cleans the impurities and helps remove dandruff.

Image Credits: PeriodicTable

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