Quick remedies for bags under eyes

Unfortunately, many women face the unpleasant bags under the eyes appearance. Although most people think they occur because of fatigue and lack of sleep, the truth is bags under the eyes have different causes and may even be hereditary.

Therefore, if you’re dealing with them, today we prepared a short list of natural remedies that help diminish their appearance in no time.

Potato slices
Potato juice helps diminish dark circles and bags under eyes. You can apply two potato slices directly under the eyes or two cotton pads soaked in potato juice.

Cucumber slices
Because they have mild astringent properties, cucumber slices can be used effectively against puffiness. Apply them on the problem areas, let them act 10 minutes and wash your face as usual. Repeat the procedure twice a week and you’ll soon see that the bags will diminish.

Chamomile tea
Take two cotton pads soaked in cold chamomile tea and apply them to under the eyes area. Having anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea is very effective, diminishing both dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Sweet almond oil
Rich in vitamins and minerals, sweet almond oil nourishes the skin and helps it return to its normal state. Simply rub your under the eyes areas with this oil before bedtime and in the morning you’ll see that the bags will be considerably diminished.

Image Credits: Lethow

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