Quick remedy for rough and dry heels

Because summer is coming and we have already started to look after sandals, we must turn our attention on our heels.

After a long winter in boots, your heels need extra pampering in order to look impeccable in those pairs of sandals we know that you have your eyes on!

The most common problem when it comes to heels is the thickened, dry, rough and cracked skin.

If thicker skin can be removed with a special file or a pumice stone, for other issues is good having handy a truly efficient solution, and of course natural. Well, this solution can be the apricot seed oil!

Rich in vitamins and minerals, apricot seed oil is excellent for heels care! Compared with other natural oils, this oil is absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy film that sometimes is very uncomfortable. In addition, apricot seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty Omega 6 acid, which maintains skin’s moisture level long after the application.

Applied daily on cleansed skin, apricot seed oil will quickly get rid of heel cracks, roughness and dryness. Thus, within two weeks your heels will be ready to parade the nicest sandals!

Apricot seed oil is easy to find in herbal stores and costs about $2 / 50 ml.

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